The President’s Day Song - George Washington to Donald Trump

Do you know all 45 Presidents of the U.S.? This song will help you remember!

Awesome “Something Just Like This” Cover by the Gen Halilintar Family of 13

Check out this fun cover of “Something Just Like This” by this talented family

A Touching Tale of Two Lemonade Stands

A fun little story of losing and then once again finding perspective

The Most Important Life Lesson From The Founder of Alibaba, China’s Richest Man

China's richest man, Jack Ma, has lived a life full of rejection and tells his story in this motivational video

This Studio C Sketch Featuring “A Game of Horse” Will Make You Smile

Funny Studio C Sketch is a good reminder to keep your ego in check

How Animals See the World

Ever curious about the colors and the field of vision of animals? Get the answers in this Brightside video

Amazing Spray Paint Artist Creation of Fantasy Scene

See how this amazing fantasy piece of artwork comes together using unique spray paint techniques

Incredible Drum Solo by this Street Performer and 1 Bucket

Street performer uses only one bucket in this amazing drum solo

The 2CELLOS and Their Amazing Rendition of Thunderstruck

It's not everyday you hear a cello performaing an AC/DC song

Awesome Airplane Trick Shots by Dude Perfect

Check out these pretty cool stunts and trick shots from the guys at Dude Perfect

Stephen Curry and His Dad in a 1990's Burger King Commercial

A very young Steph Curry and his father Dell Curry in a commercial for Burger King in the early 1990's

This Bride Thought Her First Dance was Ruined. But, Guess What?

Wait till you see what this bride does when her husband surprises her with her favorite country artist during their first dance

Brain Games and the Power of Positivity

See firsthand how positive and negative reinforcement can affect a person’s performance

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