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Mental Health

The Science Behind Meditation

The mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of meditation are supported by evidence-based studies.
Mental Health

Staying Mindful During the Pandemic

Using these spiritual practices will help you weather the COVID-19 crisis.
Mental Health

Mindfulness Meditation Anywhere: Create Stillness in Chaos

You don't have to wait for your yoga class to slow down and find your calm. Mindfulness meditation only has one ingredient: you.
Spiritual Wellness

How to Exercise Your Spirit

Exercising your body and strengthening your spirit are equally valuable to your overall wellness.
Mental Health

How Meditation Saved Me

There is no right or wrong way to meditate, but here are six ways it can help you today, and perhaps others in your life.
Spiritual Wellness

Eating to Nourish Your Spiritual Core

Caring for your physical body is vital to keeping your spirit rejuvenated.
Spiritual Wellness

Developing Spirituality in 2020

This year has stressed out Gen Z more than any other age group. Here are some simple tips for spirituality in 2020 to help ease your stress.

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